When she was a kid, Melissa dreamed of illustrating children's books. She never, ever thought it would actually happen - and now she's an award-winning illustrator with 50 books and counting! She wrote Pug Is Happy, and the upcoming Rangifer and Weecha for Pygmy Giraffe Publishing.

Melissa lives with her family on a dirt road near a small town in Michigan. Everyday, she takes their dogs for two or three walks. She'd like to romp with an otter or hang with a sloth, but she'll settle for cuddling with a fluffy poodle.

Besides being the main illustrator for Pygmy Giraffe, its Media Director, and all-round advisor, Melissa is also the author of the book Pug Is Happy, one of the board books launched in our toddler division last year. 

You can contact Melissa through her website, MelissaBaileyIllustrates.com. or follow her on Instagram at: