We’re More Than Just Books

Books are great, but Pygmy Giraffe Publishing believes that books are only the beginning of the learning process. So we’ve created curricula, worksheets, coloring sheets, and other great stuff to go with our books.

Because we’re all about living the lessons taught in our books, we want to give parents, children, teachers, librarians, and other educators the resources they need to play an active part in their community’s conservation efforts. We’ve also included some ideas to foster a kind and caring attitude in our everyday lives.

So download some extra fun, join us on social media, or meet up with some of our contributors at special live events. Our community always has room for more!

Free Worksheets & Activities

You’ve read the book. Now bring it to life with our activities or use it as a teaching tool for Common Core subjects.

Free downloads coming soon!Have the illustrations in our books captured you own little Picasso’s artistic imagination? Check out our free coloring pages.

Free downloads coming soon!

Educational Resources

Teachers and homeschoolers, rejoice! We’ve come up with a printed curriculum for the following books. Each one includes science, writing, and reading activities; where applicable, we’ve also included some geography, animal science, conservation, art, and music. Each curriculum includes access to downloadable worksheets, art projects, lesson plans for grades K-4, morning work, extra curricular work, and bulletin board design.

Conservation Resources

Conservation and eco-friendly living are important, but it can be very tricky to make these concepts kid-friendly. Below are some excellent educational resources and guides to getting students (and everyone!) involved in conservation.

National Geographic Kids
Smithsonian Ocean
Association of Zoos and Aquariums: Conservation Education Materials
World Wildlife Fund: Teaching Resources
The Nation Wildlife Federation: Connecting Kids and Nature
USDA Forest Service: Conservation Education

Giving Back Locally & Globally

It’s just as important to create an atmosphere of kindness and compassion in the community in which you live as it is to take care of our global home. There are lots of ways you can give back locally. Pygmy Giraffe is involved with several community giving projects and would encourage you to seek out families in need, volunteer for reading programs, give your time to low-income schools, donate books, and look for small ways in which you can help.