We’re a small independent children’s book publisher with big goals. By publishing books for all age groups, we help kids see how awesome animals, science, and language can be. We also want to shine a light on some of the world’s most endangered (or unappreciated!) species.

Most importantly, we want to encourage kids to read, learn, and grow. It’s never too early to inspire children to get interested, get involved, and get reading.

Our Values
We strongly believe in three things:

Conservation & Education
At Pygmy Giraffe Publishing, we feel so strongly about conservation that we’ve put it at the core of our business.  We’re proud to use eco-friendly printing methods, like using soy-based inks on selected books, we support Trees For the Future, which donates a portion of the printing price of each book towards replanting trees and minimizing our carbon footprint. We also support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the future of our forests and promoting sustainable forest management.

Education is also very much a part of who we are. Our newer books have supplementary worksheets, coloring pages, activities, and other downloadable materials tailored specifically to the animals and lessons in each book.  Many have full curriculum written for ages K-4, which includes lesson plans, art projects, worksheets, bulletin board material, games, music, and much more.

What’s a Pygmy giraffe and Why Is It the Company Mascot?
Pygmy giraffes don’t really exist, but they’re a good metaphor for our small but imaginative company. Real giraffes can see far into the distance. They can get a view of their environment that other land animals can’t. We like to use the example of the giraffe to encourage kids to look beyond their own backyard. In fact, we encourage everyone to think about ways they can make the planet a better and safer place fore everyone and everything on it.

Write for Us!
Do you have a manuscript or idea that features conservation, animals, or another educational topic? Reach out to us at pygmygiraffepublishing@gmail.com for more information.