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Reading Aloud Causes Bouts Of Giggles!

A Flamboyance, A Crash, and A Dazzle!

Learning something new…

…is like knowing a secret.

Would you like to learn some secrets about your favorite animals?

Children love to learn. They especially like to learn with a parent. When you read this book with your child, in verse, about flamingos, rhinos, zebras, and many other delightful animals, both of you will learn some fun facts.

Do you know what a group of ferrets are called?

What about prairie dogs?

But it isn’t just the collective nouns, there are interesting tidbits throughout, which make this a wonderful experience for both parent and child.

You’ll adore this book, because of both the clever rhymes and the brilliant illustrations.

Get it now.

Warning: Reading aloud may cause bouts of giggles.

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