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Looking On The Bright Side

In looking on the bright side of the current situation in our nation, we’re all fortunate that we have instant Internet access to those things that can help our children learn and entertain them at the same time. Many of us are hesitant to order things that come through the mail, and this makes the Internet a valuable learning tool.

 We here at Pygmy Giraffe Publishing are doing our best to continue to write, and make available, educational and fun books for young readers. So if you’re a parent feeling a bit lost as to where to go next, look no further. Our books not only entertain they teach an appreciation for wildlife, conservation, literacy, and community, and seven of our books are available for download as e-books through Kindle on Amazon.

Steve the Dung Beetle: On A Roll - Steve the dung beetle is on a mission: to roll his dung ball home. Along the way, he meets curious animals that ask him what he is doing. Steve's answers are gross, funny, and fascinating, and show how a little bug can make a BIG impact on the environment.

X-Ray Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures - The dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in this book are not only beautiful but are meant to inspire the imagination! What did they look like on the outside? Were they as colorful as birds or did they blend in with their environment?

 Edie Goes the Wrong Way! - Edie is a stingray that likes to swim in the opposite direction than the other stingrays. She dreams of exploring other parts of the ocean and having great adventures.

 Flamboyance, a Crash and a Dazzle - From a mess of iguanas to a flamboyance of flamingos, this is a book all about collective nouns, the words describing groups of animals.

It Happened On The Train One Day While Visiting The Zoo - Little Landon learns that, although sometimes things happen that aren't planned, are frightening, or are difficult to explain, it can all turn out to be a great adventure! This is an appropriate book for these times in our lives.

Let’s Count Butterflies - This lovely counting book opens with one bright butterfly, and is quickly joined by another ... and another ... and another. Colorful illustrations and simple text help young readers count up to ten. As an added bonus, names of all ten species of butterflies are included in the book; all are native to the southwest United States. This board book is built for small hands, lots of use, and learning on several levels.Board Books, Toddler Books

Pug Is Happy – Another board book made for tiny hands, this book clearly identifies emotions in a way that little’s can relate not only to the feelings, but the pictures as well. Happiness, fear, anger, love… these and many others are represented in this colorful and engaging book.

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