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It's World Oceans Day!

The ocean is an amazing thing. Our planet’s surface is actually more water than land. In fact, about 71% of the earth is covered in ocean. Here are 10 things about the ocean I bet you didn’t know!    

  1. The ocean is home to nearly 95% of all life on earth! That’s right, more things live in the ocean than on land.
  2. There’s around 20 million tons of gold in the ocean. That’s enough for everyone to have about 9 lbs. of it! But it’s pretty tough to get because it’s been pulverized into tiny particles.
  3. The Pacific Ocean is wider than the moon by more than five times. It’s 12,300 miles across.
  4. Oceans have lakes and rivers too. And mountains and volcanos and waterfalls. It all has to do with layers of salt and depressions on the ocean floor. The largest waterfall on land is in Venezuela, Angel Falls. It’s a drop of 3,200 feet. But the Denmark Strait Cataract, an under waterfall formed by cold water in the east hitting the warm water to the west has a drop of 11,500 feet and flows more water than Niagra Falls. 50,000 times more!
  5. The ocean’s canyons make the Grand Canyon seem small.
  6. When it comes to volcanos the ocean has most of them, in fact 90% of volcanic activity on the planet happens in the ocean.
  7. Tsunamis move at 500 miles per hour!
  8. The world/s largest living structure is in the ocean! Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is 133,000 square miles and can be seen from outer space!
  9. The ocean has more artifacts than all the word’s museums combined. This is because of the approximate 3 million shipwrecks that have been recorded.
  10. The ocean is our greatest source of oxygen. The kelp, plankton, and phytoplankton make up 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere!

There are many more amazing facts about the ocean and the creatures that live in it. For some free printable coloring sheets and fact sheets visit our website!    

To read one of our books about some of the creatures in the ocean, Edie Goes The Wrong Way, follow this link!






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