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Free Fun And Learning!

In today’s age where children are glued to digital devices, worksheets and fun sheets can provide them the opportunity to disconnect and benefit from a learning activity. 

We think worksheets and fun sheets provide kids with a stimulating way to go beyond any given subject, to expand their knowledge base, enhance the intellect, augment a classroom or reading experience, and often-times learn in spite of themselves. You can transform a child’s learning experience with simple, fun, and creative worksheets.

Pygmy Giraffe now has a “Free Printables” page. Here, every other week, you will find two worksheets/fun-sheets. One for the younger age kids, 4 – 6, and a second one aimed at the 7-9-year-old students. All of our printables are based on the books we print, and the curriculum written for each book. There will be coloring pages, learn-how-to-draw pages, geography, math, and conservation.  Sometimes you will find writing prompts, word finds, and connect the dots. Just click the link, then print the page. 

Every learning material you can utilize well is an investment in good teaching and a great learning experience.

We also think it’s terrific when parents and children work together!

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