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Help Children Develop Important Skills

9 Ways Our Puzzles Can Help Children Develop Important Skills

puzzles develop skills childhood

Puzzles are a fun and educational toy that challenges young minds and prepares them for some very important life skills including gross and fine motor skills, social skills abstract thinking, language, and imagination among others. Scientists have determined that when a child acts on or manipulated the world around him or her, brain development is significantly influenced.  But why? Here are a few benefits that can be achieved by using this well-established learning tool.

There are nine basic skills that help your child become a well-rounded person and develop important skills.

  1. Cognitive Skills: How to solve the problem of the puzzle.  

    ~Recognition of Shapes – from simple shapes to abstract jigsaws.

    ~Memory – Simple jigsaws help enhance a child’s memory, remembering shapes of pieces that don’t fit or will fit later on.

    ~Problem Solving – Critical thinking skills help to solve the puzzle – you can’t cheat at a puzzle.

  1. Physical or Fine Motor Skills – turning puzzle pieces until they fit promotes hand-eye coordination. Small movements such as fitting a puzzle piece to the right spot can lead to better handwriting or typing skills, crafts, or playing a musical instrument.
  1. Gross Motor Skills -Larger puzzles and stacking games enhance the large movements and promote the ability to work on fine motor skills. 
  1. Emotional Skills and Developing Persistence - Patience is a tough skill to learn, but puzzles help as the reward is the complete picture. Children learn to set goals to solve the puzzle, and work slowly until they’re finished. Patience and persistence is a lesson we all need to learn.
  1. Social Skills - If a child is doing a puzzle with friend, or family member they’re also learning social skills that will help in the future when they will need to work together and communicate. They develop a plan, help each other solve the puzzle, and take turns.
  1. Abstract Thinking - When children see negative space (like where a puzzle piece might fit) they figure out what shape would fill that space.
  1. Math Skills and Science Skills - When children work on puzzles they learn to sort pieces by shape or by color, organize, and categorize. Edge pieces vs. interior, all of the apple is red, all the zebra will be black and white. In this way, they’re learning classify and label as well.
  1. Language Skills - Puzzles can be used to encourage speech and require a child to be observant in his description.  For instance, if he asks for the “green piece with the sharp, pointy ends” he or she has had to think about how to describe what is needed. Puzzles are often used with autistic children to prompt them to use language.
  1. Puzzles Trigger Creativity and Imagination - Playing with puzzles stimulates creativity and imagination. The shapes and colors of the mosaic pieces serve to encourage the brain cells therefore encouraging prolonged interest when arranging pieces in many different ways.

Puzzles offered from Pygmy Giraffe can help to create excitement while they learn. They’re bright, colorful, and have the cutest animals you’ve ever seen. Exclusive to Pygmy Giraffe, you won’t find these designs anywhere else. Since all our puzzles feature endangered species it also gives children's puzzles cognitive skills Pygmy Giraffeparents the opportunity to talk to their children about the importance of saving animals on this planet, the opportunity to look up facts about the animals featured on the puzzles, and to create a connection with these animals through knowledge and empathy.  It’s only by creating a connection with nature around us and the other animals that inhabit this earth can we develop a sense of responsibility in this next generation to solve the problems related to keeping our earth a friendly place to be for all the animals both large and small.

Achieving a goal, like working a puzzle, can bring an incredible amount of pride and satisfaction to a child. It benefits their self-esteem by giving them the confidence they need to solve problems and overcome challenges. This prepares them for future challenges in life.

In conclusion, Pygmy Giraffe Publishing offers puzzles that are incredible learning tools. I believe, that as educational toys, puzzles are one of the most well-rounded and versatile toys you can purchase for your children because they offer valuable educational benefits that support child development.



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